NID-DE-POULE #1 | fine art photo paper | 17 x 18 x 1 in | Artist and © Capucine Boucart

Harlem, New York has always been a universe unto itself, forever moving through time effortlessly, still seemingly living anew, setting the pace and trends for us all. This place, my home, knows how to evolve under pressure, and its denizens are prismatic diamonds walking these asphalted, gridded streets reverberating in staccato colors.

There are times where even the most idyllic of places, and don’t get me wrong, Harlem struggles with perfection, has difficulty adjusting to the blows of the external visceral violence such as the likes coronavirus has poured on us. The virus has enveloped spaces, homes — people.


Allicette Torres

Allicette Torres is a Puerto Rican Visual Artist, Curator and Writer.

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