I hear you on this post, and where I am not here to fight against religion. These "pillars" of discourse you refute come from a place of frustration with organized religion, and your retorts are an oversimplification. All camps, both theist and atheist, are full of mashed potato-brained people.

When we discuss organized religion, its great myriad of people juxtaposed to those who might be on the other side of that which aren't only atheists, most people tend not to want to take ownership of what is right and wrong. When disagreed within the tiniest of ways, I find most Christians default to, "The Lord says..., in the it Bible says... you wouldn't understand..."

This is what is sad, in the justification of religiosity of religion and reluctance on anyone's part to do due to diligence of having honest conversations about God (because it cuts both ways, theist and atheists) we tend to make God small in order to explain him.

Thank you for the read and the conversation.


Allicette Torres is a Puerto Rican Visual Artist, Curator and Writer.

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